Welcoming 2022

Cedric Lee
2 min readJan 4, 2022


2021 in review

Not so much of reviewing. I’ve spent most of my time during the holidays with my loved ones. I’m just happy that I made it this far. Reflections in 2021 will happen in parallel with my hopes for 2022.

To-do lists

As I start the year, I went through all my digital lists (Google Keep, Todoist, and Apple Notes) and trimmed down the things I wasn’t able to do or still planning to do. It’s OK to let these go. I want to keep my lists as few as possible to allow me to focus on the things that matter. Besides, if my deleted lists are that important, they’ll keep popping up.


I used to write on notebooks a lot except last year. I thought of putting everything in the digital space (like in Notion) and having that “second brain” will help me but nothing beats writing on paper. I’m more thoughtful when I write on paper so I’m getting this habit back. To more beautiful pens and notebooks!


Particularly personal writing. I want to share my thoughts with all of you. I’m tired of academic writing. I’m starting to fill my Medium with personal thoughts other than serious takes on design topics etc. I’ll start by keeping it short and publish biweekly or monthly so long as it’s consistent.

Health and wellness

Goes beyond the physical. Includes mental and even financial. I suck at these departments so I hope this year I’ll make meaningful progress. I want to start by simply and assertively saying no to the things that won’t bring value or benefit to me.

Here’s to reclaiming ourselves back this year 🥂



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